Speewah Specialty Metals

Speewah Specialty Metals

Project Outline

To expand its specialty metals focus to become a high purity vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) producer to take advantage of future expansions in the vanadium flow battery (VFB) energy storage, Al-Ti-V super alloy and TiO2 pigment markets.

Project details

Vanadium-Titanium-Iron-HPA Project

The Speewah V-Ti-Fe project has evolved over the last decade into a world class deposit.  The Speewah Resource (in accordance with JORC 2012 guidelines) comprises a combined Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource of 4,712 million tonnes at 0.3% V2O5, 3.3% TiO2 and 14.7% Fe (reported at a 0.23% V2O5 cut-off grade from the Central, Buckman and Red Hill deposits).  This combined Resource comprises Measured Resources of 322 million tonnes at 0.32% V2O5, 3.4% TiO2 and 14.9% Fe, Indicated Resources of 1,054 million tonnes at 0.33% V2O5, 3.3% TiO2 and 14.9% Fe, and Inferred Resources of 3,335 million tonnes at 0.29% V2O5, 3.3% TiO2 and 14.6% Fe (refer KRR ASX release 1/4/2019 for the full resource statement details).

The Central deposit comprises a Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource of 1,240 million tonnes at 0.31 V2O5, 3.3% TiO2, 14.6% Fe, 12.5% Al2O3 and 4.7% MgO (reported at a 0.23% V2O5 cut-off grade). This combined resource total comprises Measured Mineral Resources of 230 million tonnes at 0.33% V2O5, 3.4% TiO2, 14.9% Fe, 12.7% Al2O3 and 4.5% MgO, Indicated Resources of 301 million tonnes at 0.31% V2O5, 3.4% TiO2, 14.8% Fe, 12.5% Al2O3 and 4.6% MgO, and Inferred Resources of 709 million tonnes at 0.30% V2O5, 3.3% TiO2, 14.5% Fe, 12.5% Al2O3 and 4.8% MgO (refer KRR ASX release 6/11/2019 for the full resource statement details).

Mining studies were completed on behalf of KRR by CSA Global Consultants Pty Ltd (CSA Global).  Como Engineers completed several Scoping and Prefeasibility engineering studies on various beneficiation-acid leach-solvent extraction-chemical precipitation process flowsheet options, producing vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), titanium dioxide (TiO2), iron oxide (Fe2O3) and HPA (Al2O3) products.

A final project development option selected was based on a conventional open cut mining operation, and a relatively simple processing flowsheet with all infrastructures located on site including a sulphuric acid plant.  The ore could be treated through onsite process plants consisting of a beneficiation plant and a downstream hydrometallurgical leaching and refining plant.

Metallurgical investigations are currently underway to extract high purity vanadium pentoxide, titanium dioxide and iron metal, trialing some oxidative and reductive roast techniques, including the use of hydrogen as a reductant.  This testwork will also look into producing vanadium electrolytes for VFB.

Fluorspar Project

CSA Global updated the Windsor fluorite Resource and reported in accordance with the JORC Code (2012 Edition) (refer to KRC ASX announcement 23 February 2018 for the full resource statement details).  The updated combined Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource, reported at a 2% CaF2 cut-off grade from the A, B, C and E fluorite veins at Windsor totals 27.2 million tonnes at 9.5% CaF2.

Within this Mineral Resource there is a high grade Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource of 6.7 million tonnes at 24.6% CaF2 at a 10% CaF2 cut-off grade.

KRR is currently examining opportunities to develop the Windsor Fluorspar deposit as a producer of high-quality acid grade fluorspar used in the aluminium, steel, and chemical industries including battery applications.